Claudia Miranda
Ghostmeat Digital Studio


curious, strategic, resourceful

I have a good eye and keen intuition. I’ve been putting it to use solving design problems for 8+ years. At the end of the day, design is about communicating with humans and good design is about making those human’s lives better by considering their needs so completely, that the solution doesn’t feel designed at all.

Let’s get our minds together and solve problems that matter.

My self-driven work is about externalizing the internal. Creating is integral to the way I process the world. I like building worlds based on feelings. Surreal in its presentation and inspired by curiosity about science and the universe.

Currently I am looking for contract work and in-house / full time positions. I have experience with and am available to do the following:

  • Digital Art Direction + Prototyping

  • Virtual Reality (VR) + Augmented Reality (AR) Design + Development: 3D Art, Animation, Interactivity

  • Visual Storytelling: Motion Graphics, Videography, Photography, Digital Illustration, Storyboards, Graphic Design

  • Product Design: Information Architecture, Requirements Gathering, Mobile Apps, Services, Web Design, UI, Research, Personas, Usability Testing, Wireframes / Interaction Design, Visual Design



Clients + Affiliations

Condé Nast, Logitech, L'Oréal, Hyphen-Labs, NormalVR, San Leandro School District, Head-Royce School

Alumni of Gray Area foundation for the Arts Incubator and Creative Code Immersive program

Game Designer at SFMOMAplay, Creative Resident at XRstudio by Mozilla


I’ve witnessed Claudia adapt to several roles within the design space while I’ve known her. She has blended her experiences into a skill set that brings breadth without an expense to depth.