Claudia Miranda
UX + XR designer, new media artist, and content creator living in Oakland, CA
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curious, strategic, resourceful

Hello! My name is Claudia Miranda and I’m a full stack UX designer specializing in 3D interaction and immersive environments. I have worked as a freelance designer and consultant for the past 3 years in order to gain skills and experience using my UX chops for designing for 3D space.

I am passionate about using technology for good - solving problems that matter and making everyday tools and tasks feel more beautiful, usable and delightful.

I have experience with and am available to do the following:

  • Digital Art Direction + Prototyping

  • Virtual Reality (VR) + Augmented Reality (AR) Design + Development: 3D Art, Animation, Interactivity

  • Visual Storytelling: Motion Graphics, Videography, Photography, Digital Illustration, Storyboards, Graphic Design

  • Product Design: Information Architecture, Requirements Gathering, Mobile Apps, Services, Web Design, UI, Research, Personas, Usability Testing, Wireframes / Interaction Design, Visual Design

Clients + Affiliations

Condé Nast, Logitech, L'Oréal, Hyphen-Labs, NormalVR, Walking Cinema, San Leandro School District, Head-Royce School

Alumni of Gray Area foundation for the Arts Incubator and Creative Code Immersive program

Game Designer at SFMOMAplay, Creative Resident at XRstudio sponsored by Mozilla

My personal new-media work is about externalizing the internal. Creating is integral to the way I process the world. I like building worlds based on feelings. Surreal in its presentation and inspired by curiosity about science and the universe.