Claudia Miranda
UX + XR designer, new media artist, and content creator living in Oakland, CA

VR Tools

3D, UX, VR

I worked with Normal VR to create a suite of tools to be used in their social VR space.

I worked with the team to figure out requirements - both from a technical and functional perspective, design in increasingly higher fidelity for use in prototyping to final production model,

I also rigged + created animations (in Maya) that enhanced the usability and cuteness of the tools.

brush evolution.png
VR Paintbrush

VR Paintbrush

One of the key creation tools in the Normal VR social chat enviroment is the ability to draw + paint with 3D ribbons. It was my job to design the look and feel of the brush, model it in 3D, rig the brush for animation when in use, and finally to test and debug the usability of the tool in close collaboration with the developer.

VR Keyboard

This opensource VR keyboard was created as a tool for the VR community to use as a basis for text input within VR experiences. The look at feel is minimal but visually striking and cohesive with the NormalVR chat space.

Learn more about the project on NormalVR’s blog post.

Additional3D Tools + Assets

Additional3D Tools + Assets

Other tools I designed and prototyped include a music remote for the in-game boombox, a selfie stick for taking photos with your friends within the NormalVR space.

I also created additional assets + environments for the NormalVR universe.