Claudia Miranda
UX + XR designer, new media artist, and content creator living in Oakland, CA


Winter Bloom


I'm starting a new series of free wallpapers. This is the first installment.

Download Wallpaper 001: Winter Bloom 2560x1440 | 1650x1050 | iPad | iPhone 5 | iPhone

The magnolia flower is a winter bloom. It is one of my favorite flowers and not one I ever saw naturally occurring in Phoenix. In Oakland though, and in my neighborhood of Temescal especially, there are abundant magnolia trees. Their blooms are massive - the size of an open hand or bigger in some cases, and the trees can be quite tall so a tree covered in blooms is a magnificent sight. The cherry on the top is walking into the sillage of their sweet scent. I dare you not to slow down and fill your lungs with it.

There are two magnolia trees I can see from our apartment. Wallpaper Project 001 is based on photographs I took of the pink blooms (the other trees have white blooms) on a day I woke up to a delightful misty rain outside. If you look closely at the images, I was able to capture the tiny specks of rain.

This wallpaper series is inspired by the wallpaper project at The Fox is Black. I've loved their wallpapers for years. Check it out.

Photographs taken by me with my Canon 60D and edited in Photoshop and may not be altered or distributed elsewhere.