Claudia Miranda
UX + XR designer, new media artist, and content creator living in Oakland, CA


The October / November Cusp

Daylights savings time is in full effect here in California. Sadly this makes our days shorter than they are already becoming as we progress into winter. Still it has been a productive couple of weeks since officially starting the studio.

This year I went to Halloween parties that were in the weeks leading up to the actual day. My friend hosted a costume party at her apothecary shop in Oakland (EARTHSHIP in Temescal) - in the daytime the shop has all the best west coast cool girl shit (they carry Rituel De Fille makeup, Floss Gloss nail polish and Tracy Tanner leather bags, just to name a few) and when they occasionally host events at night it transforms into an enchanted space that's got me feeling some type of way.

Witch babes do it best: Gina Di Girolamo + Sarah Buscho + Marina Storm

And the following weekend, a costume boat party. All those YouTube makeup tutorials paid off when I pulled off a last min mystical deer type animal.

A delicious and regenerative harvest meal later that week to ease us into November.

Sausages and mushrooms getting cooked up.

Grilled veggies from the garden, salads and plenty of wine!

And back at the Earthship this first week of November (can you tell I love the place?), friend and mushroom master David Gardella lead a workshop on mead!

apothecary oakland mead workshop temescal earthship earthtuface
mead honey stir
mead ferment home spices

And finally, I got a new desk and have been enjoying the sit/stand lyfe for nearly a week now. I highly recommend the SKARSTA desk from Ikea. Great value. Here is a photo of me finally enjoying my desk setup after the long processing of organizing the office area to be.. just so. 

balayage short wavy hair brown hipster modern texture hair

I wanted to not like the Pantone mug but it quickly became my favorite. The material feels strong but light and thin. Reminds me of my beloved Corningware dinner plates.

A moment shared with the corner of the room where my desk would soon be. Best believe I burned some Palo Santo and got the space ready to house a vortex of productivity and creativity. :)

Until next time, thanks for reading!