Claudia Miranda
UX + XR designer, new media artist, and content creator living in Oakland, CA


Projection Visuals: Litha


Litha (a pagan term for summer solstice) is the longest day of the year. The beginning of the end of summer. A time to gather outside with those you hold dear and enjoy each other complimented by the bounty of the season. Fruity and bubbly drinks, tomatoes, flowers and bare skin - and in that sense more accessible to each other. We are more likely to be able to experience the scent of our fellow humans. Make of that what you will, so much of like is perspective after all, it is a potent trigger to our reptile brain. Try as we might, we can't seem to shed it. I created these visuals for a gathering on the longest day summer 2013. They were projected in an outdoor environment as the sun began to set. The intent was to have a beautiful mood-enhancing background to the festivities. A place your eyes can rest. A reminder to lighten up and enjoy.

See Vimeo page for details and list of credits.