Claudia Miranda
UX + XR designer, new media artist, and content creator living in Oakland, CA


playSFMOMA Game Jam

Niki & I at the PlaySFMOMA Game Jam

Niki & I at the PlaySFMOMA Game Jam

I recently got the opportunity to participate in my first Game Jam.  Fellow Gray Area Incubator member, friend and emoji expert Niki Selken asked me to be part of her team for the Game Jam. She has previous experience being a part of game jams in the past (NASA, ect) and needed a 3D artist on the team.

About playSFMOMA

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) underwent a massive facelift and expansion which was unveiled in 2016 and the finished result is a destination I'd recommend anyone with an open mind that likes to be challenged. 

Wonderful for us that along with this great IRL experience, and in accord with its surrounding location, SFMOMA is all about a complimentary digital experience. Their official app is a top notch example of location-based augmented reality. The playSFMOMA residency game jam is further indication of their commitment to going into that sometimes uncomfortable but rewarding place that art can take us.

The game jam involved 12 artist and coders designing and prototyping a game over two weekends.

Technology Used

Emerging technology can be a scary thing for organizations which rely on predictable outcomes. I was really impressed with SFMOMA's openness to the possibilities of using augmented reality as way to enhance the museum experience. 

SFMOMA partnered with Google Tango to provide the technical backbone for the experience. There were folks from Google around to help us out along with unreleased phones loaded up with Tango and with special cameras that allowed us to create a room scan and create image/location based trackers for the AR experiences. Our team used a Unity3D, Maya and the Tango SDK for our project.

Check out this video produced by SFMOMA that goes into specifics about the game jam and their approach to incorporating emerging tech into the museum experience. Our team is interviewed in the video about our approach to Augmented Reality and the experience we designed.