Claudia Miranda
UX + XR designer, new media artist, and content creator living in Oakland, CA


Creative Drill: Tumblr for inspiration hoarding

Screen-shot-2010-11-28-at-7.55.15-PM Just over a year ago I came across this service called tumblr.  I was heavy into my google reader obsession and stumbled into some photoblogs that were published with tumblr. I'm a fan of collages and curated image collections. The immediacy of visual media coupled with the ability to quickly consume a wide variety of subjects quickly really appeals to my impatient consumerist tendencies.  I figure its my duty as a someone who creates visual things to digest as much visually as possible. Tumblr it turns out, is perfect for this.

I quit facebook a couple months ago and have been dedicating more time to my tumblr which I affectionately refer to as aesthetic therapy. Prior to tumblr I used a folder on my hard drive called "inspiration" that I saved any interesting images I came across to. You may have noticed the feed updating in my sidebar towards the bottom of blog.

I started obsessively tagging the images I post and I can proudly say that over 99% of the images I post can be clicked through for the original source. Another bonus is giving the images context.  For example I have a host of images tagged because the colors used could make a lovely palette.

The tumblr dashboard is like an rss feeder for other tumblrs.  I follow a handful my favorite artists and designers on there along with just random people who's posts I like. There are also a handful of subject specific tumblrs people maintain with topics ranging from victorians to tattoos.

I really love the simplicity of tumblr. It takes on the less-is-more approach of twitter and similar social web 2.0 services and succeeds.  The dashboard allows for endless scrolling which provides an effortless user experience. Talk about media gluttony!