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Metaverse Nails Augmented Reality App

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I want to share a product I came across recently called Metaverse Nails by a company called Metaverse Makeovers. It cleverly capitalizes on a few trends: nail art, the popularity of early 90's digital aesthetic, social media sharing of beauty content, VR and what I think is digital content finally being created by and for the femme.


How it works

Metaverse Nails works by pairing an augmented reality app with proprietary stick-on nails sold by Metaverse Nails that have AR (augmented reality) targets on them. You point the app at the nails with targets and the app uses your camera to display what Metaverse calls "hologram bling" to decorate your nails. The Metaverse Nails app also lets you buy bling to decorate your nails and there are some bling collections available for free.

metaverse nails review augmented reality hologram nail art ar
metaverse nails augmented reality girls femme female AR
metaverse nails augmented reality girls femme female AR
metaverse nails augmented reality girls femme female AR
metaverse nails augmented reality girls femme female AR
metaverse nails augmented reality girls femme female AR

The Technology

Augmented reality is like the baby sister to virtual reality. Put simply it is a way to view reality live through a lens and screen that displays something overlaid onto reality. The camera (potentially any visual input) is used by an application to scan the environment for a defined target or location to display anything really.

This technology has been around for a while and the concept has been around even longer. Scifi movies that show an overlay of information for example. The Yelp app has an augmented reality component since 2009 called Monocle that displays Yelp reviews through the camera using GPS.

Over time the targets the applications use have become increasingly complex. Pretty much anything can be defined as a target, including these hyper-cute illustrations on the nails. At the time this was written they offered four different nails for purchase at $22 per set.

How cute is this packaging?! Bo Peep design.

How cute is this packaging?! Bo Peep design.

The Verdict

I love the concept but in had some technical glitches with the app. I tested on an iPhone 6 and was not able to get the multiple targets to show up for very long. I had the best luck using the thumbnails, maybe because target was bigger? Some of the bling took longer to load than others. I tested using the Princess Fantasy nail set.

I tried launching the app on my Samsung Galaxy S7 but there was an error loading it. I reached out to them and they quickly responded to let me know it was a known bug with Vuphoria and Maya on some Samsung phones. Ahh the fragmented world of Android development. What a world.

The nails themselves are on the pricy side but still cheaper than a salon gel manicure at $22 per set. I will say the included adhesive stickers are really strong! The nails survive several hand washings and it felt like I was going to rip my nail off when getting them off. However they did not damage my actual manicure underneath! Voodoo adhesive! 

The stick on nails were also too small for my nails. I do have big hands though. I wonder if the concept could work with nail decals?

The app lets you take photos and video within the app to capture your decorations and sharing your nails art is where the real fun is. There is totally a wow factor to seeing the images and video clips of decorated nails on social media. Almost more fun than the actual decorating, which lets face it, is basically social media sharing in a nutshell. Not exactly a "stay in the moment" product.

If you like doing your nails, decorating yourself, sharing content and hella cute aesthetics, Metaverse Nails are worth checking out!

Nail polish: Leslie by Zoya, Cell phone case: Shell Phone 3D by Valfre

Purchased on my own. Review is 100% my own opinion.