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Digital Experience Review: Moon


How often do you think about the moon? Consider, for a minute, how much more our lives revolved around the lunar cycle in times before street light became the norm. Yet moon has no light - it only reflects the light of the sun. For this reason, the moon is often regarded as a symbol and metaphor for self-reflection, introspection and intuition. And us night owls know well the serenity of a moment shared basking in the moonlight.

Which is why I've been loving the free app: Moon - Current Moon Phase on my iPhone (also works great on iPad). This app stands out to be because it is delightfully simple and surprisingly playful for such a utility. It has a personality despite having pretty much zero UI elements and four screens:

moon phase app screenshot iOS iphone
moon phase app screenshot iOS iphone

The personality comes out in the periodic alerts the app displays. I had no idea that I had alerts enabled so I was pretty pleased to see the somewhat cryptic message coming from Moon. It is all the more endearing because the chatter is completely unexpected, cheeky and even kind of Zen at times. Check out the collection of screen shots I've been taking over the past few months of using Moon.

I mean, quote Radiohead to me and I'm yours.

It is so important to resonate emotionally with users and giving your app, and in this case the moon itself, a personality. Every time I received one of these alerts it made me smile and endear to the moon. It strengthens the bond between a cosmic body and our present state - making us wonder and a moment to reflect on whether the full or new moon is affecting your or people around you. Is it what caused your dog to behave out of character? Or why everyone seems to be driving without the use of blinkers today?

At the very least you can drop moon cycle knowledge in conversations and seem super in-tune and metaphysical. Which in some circles can win you friends.

It is interesting to think about how much more appealing or unappealing the app would be if it was presented differently. What if it was named something like "Sassy Moon" or "Zen Moon"?

Some other features include the ability to see what phase the moon was in on a particular date:

And the ability to share a moon state/phase phase as a photo:

Moon is a simple app, free and free of ads, with the potential to help us tune in to the cycles of nature and ourselves. It might even make you smile and look up.

If you are interested in learning more about how moon phases affect life on earth I highly recommend this article.